Thursday, March 26, 2009

Story Corps

I've been a Story Corps fan for years. For a long time, I had Story Corps podcasts on my iPod. But, when I stopped driving all over the UP, I just didn't have enough car time for all of my podcasts, so I deleted many of them, including Story Corps.

If you're not familiar with Story Corps, it's a huge oral history project. Pairs of people go into the booth and one interviews the other (or they interview each other) for 40 minutes. At the end of the interview, they get a CD of the interview. And, if they choose, they can sign a release that also gives a copy to the Library of Congress and gives NPR consent to broadcast a small segment in a Story Corps segment.

The mobile Story Corps booth is coming to Berlin. It's going to be in town from June 4-27. And, St. Barnabas gets to be a community partner. That means that the church will have a certain number of reserved appointments. And, I get to spend the next three months talking up Story Corps and encouraging people to tell their stories. I'm hoping I can talk my mom into going into the Story Corps booth with me. (I'd say it's a 50/50 chance, really!)

Today, I went to the community partners' planning meeting. I was such a fan. I totally chatted up the cute girl who works for New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) and the one who works for Story Corps. They were both great.

So, I've been a giddy fan-girl all day. But, I'm such a nerd that I am a Story Corps fan-girl.

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