Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I hate being sick

When I was a kid, I was sick all the time. I think some of it came from having a seriously overprotective mom. If I sniffed once, I'd stay home from school for days. I'd camp out on the couch, read books, watch TV, and get snacks like pudding, saltines, and ginger ale. In Junior High, as the overweight, unpopular, nerdy kid, school was a misery. I think I missed close to 90 days in 8th grade - and still got great grades. All I had to do was say that I wasn't feeling well, and I got to stay home.

High school was better, and I got sick way less, but certainly some. Every year in college I got a horrific case of bronchitis that lasted for weeks each spring.

Somehow, as I got older, I got healthier. In recent years, I have rarely been sick. I hardly ever took a sick day at the bookstore. And, I don't remember really being sick at all during seminary. In fact, the only recent illnesses I remember are getting a killer cold in the summer of 2005 in New Zealand, and something that was probably food poisoning on a cruise in 2007.

Last week's cold was certainly not the worst cold of my life. In fact, as colds go, it was pretty mild. (It did prove to be seriously contagious - I know that I passed it on to at least three other folks - I am so sorry!) The worst part of this cold was the way that it sapped my energy. All I wanted to do for more than a week was sleep. I didn't run. I didn't write in my blog. I worked, I read, I slept. That's it.

I'm still feeling more tired than I am used to - and watching Michelle, who is about a week behind me in this cold, I can see that it's affecting her the same way. So, I'm being good about going to bed earlier than usual, and trying to take care of myself.

It feels good to be back.

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