Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Israeli Breakfast

I'd heard from my friend Ann (of World Eye fame) that Middle Eastern breakfast was not to be missed. This morning, I experienced it first hand, and I'm a convert.

Aside from the usual cornflakes and milk, the buffet contained sliced cold meat, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, dried black olives and spicy green ones in oil, two types of cheese, eggs, olive oil, a spice mixture, and bread (regular and pita).

I was simply in heaven. I want to pour olive oil on everything; it tastes so much better than it does here in the US. And even though here I often avoid cucumbers, these were tasty (and another vehicle for the olive oil). I have no idea what the meat was (best not to ask, I suppose), but it was flavourful and savory, eaten with the feta on the toasted pita.

I thought that I might lose weight while I'm here, but I suspect that might not be the case (and, I don't really care).

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