Sunday, August 30, 2009

10 Ways That Being Insured has Benefitted Me (our Family)

Apparently, my blog was a bit like the Car Talk Puzzler, and took a bit of a summer holiday.  But, just as the cool air is returning to the North Country, I'm back.  

Ten Ways Being Insured Has Benefitted Me
1. My considerable "female problems" have all been covered - a number of surgeries - both major and minor.  Not a penny out of pocket.  Total cost must be over $100K.  (The hysterectomy alone was over $50K.)
2. I have had regular preventative medical care for my whole life.
3. My mom is a happy, healthy 83 year old because of good preventative medical care.
4. I was accident prone as a child.  All of my cuts were stitched up well - with a minimum of scarring. 
5. Our prescriptions are covered - we don't have to worry about whether we can afford them; we have no hard choices to make between our health and other necessitates like food, shelter, or clothing.
6. I am getting regular mammograms and pap smears as preventative measures.
7. We can afford for Michelle to receive some physical therapy for her hip.
8. I could get my bad crown redone - without going into debt.
9. I never worry about whether we will be able to afford medical things: office visits, illnesses, or even crises.
10. I've had good relationships with doctors because I could see them regularly.

The issue with all of this: our current health insurance plan costs St. Barnabas and the Diocese (who share the cost) $14,000, or so, a year.  This to insure two young and healthy adults.  This cost is out of reach for many families and employers.  Our current system is broken and needs repair, both to keep costs down for healthy adults (and businesses who employ them!) and to give healthcare to those who are currently without.


The Vagabond Priest said...

I'm benefitting from medical insurance right now as two ED visits in two states toget my broken bones examined and set have cost me just $100 so far. (Nice!) But my heart breaks for the uninsured families I see everyday who try so hard to stay positive in the midst of a medical incident like this that spells disaster. You speak great truth. What's the answer?

Kurt said...

Nice post Fran!

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