Saturday, May 2, 2009

Behold Challenge: Day 6

I've been behind on posting some beholds, but I have been saving them up!

1. Behold! The sound of spring peepers that nearly bowls me over when I open the door to front deck.

2. Behold! The clear blue sky of spring in northern New Hampshire.

3. Behold! Red trillium, blooming in profusion in our yard and around our neighborhood.

4. Behold! Not one, but two, moose by the side of the road today.  

5. Behold! The joy of running outside in shorts.

6. Behold! The wonder of exploring a beautiful poem with friends and colleagues.  Check out David Whyte's "Working Together." 

1 comment:

Marez said...

So glad (and jealous) that you are enjoying peepers and trillium. And two meese as well! Vool.