Monday, November 10, 2008

Wowzer Waterfalls!

Today, we hiked in Randolph. We were looking for a hike that would be fun and scenic (even though it was misty) and not too challenging.

We found a loop hike in our Randolph Trails book. We ascended on the Fallsway Trail, so named because it passed by three gorgeous waterfalls. The elevation gain was slight (only 400'); the trail itself was lovely. It began snowing shortly into the hike. We enjoyed seeing the color contrasts between the amazing greens of the evergreens and the lightly falling snow.

We chose to return on the Beechway trail, which had a very gentle descent. Michelle noted that the trail was aptly named, since all of the leaves on the trail were beech leaves. We also saw several interesting fungi. One type was a small, roundish, bright yellow-orange jelly-like growth on several trees. Michelle thinks they were a type of slime-mold. One giant rock had lots of a common lichen, called crustos lichen. And, it had a number of giant folios lichen, so named because they look like big leaves or foliage.

We can't wait to return to this area of Randolph and hike more. There a number of criss-crossing trails, and an old rail trail. We think it will be a great trail running site, as well as a place to snow shoe.

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Wayfarer said...

Based on what I heard from you yesterday, these photos would look decidedly whiter today. Did you get just a dusting, or was there actual shovellage?