Monday, July 28, 2008

It's a New Blog!

It seemed silly to keep writing about life, as we move from Michigan to New Hampshire in a blog called Notes from the UP Road.  So, I've created a new blog.  Check back for stories about the move, about settling in to our new house, and about life and work in Northern New Hampshire.


TB said...

Looking forward to new thoughts from Fran. :)

Wayfarer said...

Yay for having you ever so much closer! I've given your new blog space its place of honor in the Favorites of the Wayfarer House computer browser, and will update all the other machines as I go.

I hope you and Michelle are settling in. Let us know if there's anything we can do for you, k? We love you!!

Mark said...

Oh Fran, Your new blog announced your departure from da U.P., as least to us. (guess we are a tad outa da loop, eh?) I have loved your writing and look forward to new horizons for your commentary. I am delighted to have the URL for the new one. I hope to learn something about applying ministry development learnings in a new place. I hope you will not mind if I link your blog to my own efforts.

Mark Engle